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Calcutta is by far the dirtiest, noisiest and busiest city we have ever experienced. Here is all the more clear that the Indians live almost exclusively on the road. It is not only all cooked on the sidewalks – a Dodge on the road is often necessary, but it is also all around garbage. India has a garbage problem, there are no trash cans and no garbage collection. And it did not bother us, is much more annoying the penetrating horn. In Calcutta police get special anti-stress training to handle the traffic noise can. We ran two days walking through Calcutta, the Victoria Memorial to the north, past the General Post Office to Howrah bridge. Before the bridge, which can not be photographed (nobody knows why), there is one of the most chaotic and flower markets in the city. My letter of passing the exam I was diving. With me all the time After four hours, we found the General Post Office, which has sent my letter for a fraction of the private mail carriers, a hundred times cheaper. In the white Victorian cathedral we should also get to know a prime example of Indian bureaucracy. In the vast interior of the circular building, we learned on the first switch of a half-asleep Indians on a red plastic chair with his feet on the table, we should go to switch 4 to allow weigh the letter. After weighing, we were sent back to switch 1 to buy the stamp. Stamping we were sent to switch 3, where we also got the stamp By Air Mail. Anyone who thinks we are done, which has not yet been sufficiently dealt with India’s bureaucracy. We got the letter back, and had to enter with the stamped letter to another building and put the letter in the designated slot labeled “Foreign Letters”. The letter is actually arrived, we switch 2 remains a mystery.

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