On the road

If you dare going on a trip around the world, here are some tips.
Follow them at your own risk.



  1. You mustn’t even try to find the best route for the world trip. It doesn’t exist. You are better off to stay flexible than following a planned route that sets you under pressure.
  2. Don’t ever buy a Round-The-World ticket unless you plan your world trip for less than a couple of weeks. Your carefully planned itinerary will be blown away faster than you think when new destinations show up during your trip. Go for one-way tickets and book everything online while traveling.
  3. Control your cost regularly, that’s better than running out of money too soon.
    Pay by credit card and save your cash whenever possible.
  4. Be careful with taxis in underdeveloped countries, they are often scammers who try to get commissions by dodgy hotel recommendations. Negotiate the fare beforehand unless there is no taximeter and pay not until you arrived.



  1. Stay healthy and get vaccinations before you start, depends on the regions you want to visit. Arrange a proper first aid kit and a reasonable health insurance that brings you back home in case of a serious illness.
  2. Scan all the important documents (passport, credit card, visas, vaccination certificate etc.) and store it password protected on the internet.
  3. Do not forget a valid passport, cash in US dollar, credit cards, dynamo flashlight, mosquito repellent and electrical adapter.
  4. Less is more. Lay all your stuff on the bed and carry less than half of it.
    Double the amount of money instead and buy the stuff you need on your trip.


“While traveling abroad the country you get to know best is your homeland.”


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