Andaman Islands – Havelock

Translated by google!!!
A catamaran brings us to Havelock Island in the Andaman Islands, Myanmar assigned geographically rather than the far-off India. The whole archipelago is military zone and is a nature reserve, Hotel bunker that is not here. Upon arriving in a small bamboo hut, a permit is issued for 4 weeks, which must be kept carefully. It is everywhere asked. We are guided by a well-nourished Indians, who looks like an Iranian carpet dealer, in his Mahindra jeep show the departments. The rickshaws we trust STILL no two people and 50 kg of luggage. He shows us complacent the departments, of course, the first where he gets the most commission, taxi driving is his side job. There is only one road to Havelock, which is more like a bumpy dirt road with potholes. At night the road is unlit, without a flashlight, it is a little scary, but not dangerous. Our resort is located on the Beach No. 5, the rooms are tastefully decorated, colorful voices and strange way. The Head Avinash has always open for us, the restaurant manager Sridhar met us with a beam every wish. The first night we get a fresh fish caught red snapper, which is so large that it would have been enough for four, cooked and prepared by Indian recipe, nice and sharp.

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