A brief bio

We don’t like writing about us and praise ourself. A bio always looks like you want to show off with your expertness and your experience. But there also is no need to hide the facts about us.

We just want to share our passion for boutique hotels with you. Decide on your own if it’s worth to follow us and to find out what it means to travel around the world in boutique hotels, where to find the hidden pearls, what places you must see and what you need to know about it. This blog has started as a random collection of itineraries of our trip around the world. Now we want to turn it into a blog that will help you to travel with style.

Kristin and Marcus were passionate about traveling ever since. “They love to travel, but they hate to arrive.” In 2011 they took the chance to travel around the world without coming home for more than 400 days. In total they travelled through more than 50 countries and felt in love with India and Myanmar.

Boutique Hotels were always their cup of tea. Any country they travelled through they were persistently looking for non-cookie-cutter accommodations to find extraordinary, beautiful and fantastic boutique hotels that offer you an authentic experience in itself. And it is very hard to satisfy their high demands as they are extremely selective in their choices.

Out of pure passion they started consulting independent owned boutique hotels all over the world. They worked out what the boutique hotel customer really likes and what is always missing. Now they know the high demands of boutique hotel customers.

Kristin has over 15 years of experience in geography and in the tourism industry.
Marcus has more than 7 years of experience in management and in the aviation industry.

Why we felt in love with boutique hotels, you may ask. That’s easy to answer.
A boutique hotel doesn’t try to tailor to every conceivable taste, it offers you a memorable experience in a fashionable and cosy atmosphere and sets a high focus on the customer. The local culture aspect is very important. A boutique hotel is the destination, it will make your trip. Boutique hotels are also known as:
Hip Hideaways, Home Away Homes, Riads, Small Hotels, Heritage Hotels, Dream Escapes, Hidden Gems, Getaways, Eco-Lodges or Retreats

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