Udaipur Maharajah

Translated by google!!!
Udaipur is like 1001 nights in India and the most romantic city, we know. The many stately palaces have been converted into the most beautiful and luxurious hotels, the crowning glory is the floating hotel in the Lake Pichola. In the narrow streets of the old town to move not only people but also scooters and cars, and especially cows. Kristin’s birthday we spent at the tailor, choose fabrics and measure for a coat and a trench coat. Only in the evening we celebrated on a faraway castle, restored and converted into a luxury boutique hotel. Middle of the desert. We got to try on a scooter, Bajal an Indian Lizenbau the Vespa, which was made ​​available to us, a nice touch. The brakes worked but only in the back, except for us, the only interest anyone. Menish, an Indian with light Vokuhilaansatz and typical Indian Mustache was our tuk-tuk driver, who like many Indians are making more money from the tourists than in his actual profession. One phone call and he was there within 10 minutes, no matter where. The combination of Hindi, Yoga and Indian cooking class is highly recommended, we could count on Hindi and haggle and have made doing Yoga. Marcus now know as Gulab Jamun is cooked his favorite dessert of fried milk tough. Our hotel is on the lake with views of the palaces, built in typical Rajasthani style with heavy wooden doors and stained glass windows.

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