Translated by google!!!
We are the red beach of Kerala and listening to the waves. Not a soul as far as the eye. Only a few fishermen, the morning and evening to put out their nets. We take a walk on the beach and hunt crabs. To summarize, we do not get to them quickly disappear in the spray or one of the many holes before we even get near them. A few Indian children are curious to us and ask us in good English holes in the abdomen. Where are you from? How old are you? Are you married? For breakfast, we went back, there are sweet Kokusreis wrapped in palm leaves to Kerala Art We wait as usual on our water, we’re never quite sure whether Remish is the girl for everything, we did not understand or just forgetful. His answer is often silent. We are confused, the typical Indian head shake can mean everything and nothing. Sudden power failure. Do not panic, the flashlight will help us in the first hour. Usually in the evening The power is removed when the Indians begin Paan, Murg or daal to cook. We cook with gas and not electricity! From large speakers blaring trumpet deafening loud church music, from sunset to sunrise. On the third day, we are almost to the family and can sing along, then that’s hard over. We are disappointed. Some coconuts later we organized Matthew, the head of department, a Jeep tour to the tea plantations to Munnar. The Mahindra is still new, while still stuck inside the plastic sheets on a vehicle in India is considered new. Dented no surprise in a country where many old mobile pedestals, corroded and are patched.

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