Translated by google!!!
The friendliness of New Zealanders is stunning for a Western country, as well as their kitchen. New Zealanders know far better to cook than to build reasonable accommodations. The architecture they have modeled the plywood huts of the Americans from the country and chic paired with English. We are in the middle of a county that look more or less like a county in England, surrounded by green fields and hedges and red brick walls. In the small sleepy town Auckland, Asians feel as comfortable as in Vancouver.

The whole country is from head to toe in tourism. In each village there is a gift shop. Brochures, hotel guides and free maps hang dozens in every accommodation on the wall. In New Zealand, everything is marketed, any tourist attraction has a souvenir shop, a coffee bar, a clean bathroom and plenty of parking. Seems to be well organized.

And the south island we found: Alice in Wonderland. There is hardly a beach more beautiful: lonely, wide and several kilometers long, dunes, rain forests and snow-capped mountains on the horizon. Crystal clear water from the river mouth, lots of flotsam and some dolphins. But be aware of the sand flies that itch terribly.

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