Translated by google!!!
Upon our arrival in Saigon, we feel set back to the “good old days” of the GDR. Red and yellow banners with the hammer and sickle, dirty gray-brown carpets and green socialist uniforms. Smoke is everywhere. The soldiers are still moving as well as the time of the Soviet Union with swinging arms BEFORE the body. There are currently party elections on trumpet speaker loud propaganda music starts with singing children.

The most striking thing about Saigon as well as the cute city of Hanoi are the millions represented scooter, they go everywhere, even on footpaths. When traffic states to avoid eye and through, who will stand remains the front or back tightly. The Vietnamese noodle soup to eat their small light blue stools in the street or in one of their small shops on the ground. Thus, the sidewalks are used exclusively for food and parking the scooter, you can go on the road.

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